12 Nisan 2010 Pazartesi

Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications remover

Chew7 v1.0 has NOT yet been released, but this is a partial list of current features:

    Microsoft Security Essentials and MGA Diagnostics validate as Genuine All Windows Updates, including optional updates, now show up and are accessible Increased logical error handling and patch monitoring, making the process much more reliable Automatic data recovery if a patching failure occurs More efficient and reliable backup process than in previous versions Increased resistance to hotfixes and service packs Enhanced protection from malicious reverse engineering of the tool Faster patching process due to a reduction of resource components Written in a different programming language, which produces a smaller executable A lighter and more intelligent patching mechanism Uses dynamic patching instead of carrying extra overhead No security or license failures in the Windows application log Passes all genuine authenticity and validation tests without issue </LI>

Microsoft has thrown more than their fair share of traps and hurdles in our way, but through persistence we have persevered to create something truly remarkable. We look forward to much more stable results and seeing many more satisfied users.




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