10 Nisan 2010 Cumartesi

Pardus – apache php mysql ftp gnome

enable root access

nano /usr/kde/3.5/share/config/kdm/kdmrc


iPhone connect via usb

# pisi it ifuse
Total size of package(s): 14.00 KB
1 / 1
Package ifuse found
in repository pardus-2009.1
-0.9.7-4-4.pisi (14.0 KB)100% 9.36 MB/s [00:00:00] [complete]
1 / 1
-0.9.7-4-4.pisi [cached]
Installing ifuse, version
0.9.7, release 4, build 4
Extracting the files of ifuse
Configuring ifuse package
Configured ifuse
Installed ifuse


# mkdir /media/iPhone
ifuse /media/iPhone/ --root


install GNOME on Pardus

#pisi ar contrib-2009 http://packages.pardus.org.tr/contrib-2009/pisi-index.xml.bz2 -y
pisi ar gnome http://pardus-gnome.prj.be/
pisi it -c gnomeproject -y


install PHP, Apache and mysql

pardus#pisi it apache
pardus#pisi it mod_php
pardus#pisi it mysql-server

#service apache on
pardus#service mysql-server on


install FTP server vsftpd and mount apache server foler  in user FTP path

# pisi it vsftpd
mkdir /home/anakin/www
mount --bind /var/www/ /home/anakin/www/
chown -R anakin:users /var/www/

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