3 Ağustos 2009 Pazartesi

SQL Server 2008: Prevent Saving Changes option

I must confess, I haven’t been using SQL Server 2008 up until recently. The main reason was having a few customers that were still on 2005 so I didn’t really have to upgrade. Now with my new laptop, I forced myself to use only 2008 (where possible that is, and also for my personal work).

On a quiet evening like today, I was creating a sample database for a demo I’m working on using ADO.NET Data Services with Silverlight. I noticed I forgot to set the primary key on a table, so I went ahead and added it. However, on saving the table, I got a dialog from SQL Server, saying that the change I requested was being prevented.

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Very weird, I thought to myself. I have been doing that for years with 2005, never had an error like this. I went searching for the option “Prevent saving changes” and turns out, it’s an option that can be set in the options of SQL Server 2008. To change it, go to Tools –> Options and in Designers –> Table and database designers, you can switch of the option.

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reference : http://www.snowball.be/SQL+Server+2008+Prevent+Saving+Changes+Option.aspx