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Install Pirated Apps on iPhone/iTouch 3.0 via Cydia [ipa]


  1. Open Cydia, this is an application that is installed when you jail break your device.
  2. Go to the Manage tab, the “tabs” are located at the bottom.
  3. Select the Sources option
  4. Select the Edit button, this is located in the top right.
  5. Select the Add button, this is located in the top left.
  6. Input cydia.hackulo.us in the text box it should read http://cydia.hackulo.us/ and press Add Source
  7. You may get a warning, select “Add Anyway
  8. As it will update every source not just the one we added, you may get errors in which you can ignore.
  9. Once it is all done go back to the main cydia menu and press the search tab
  10. Search for “AppSync”  and install “AppSync for OS 3.0″.
  11. Restart your iPhone.
  12. You can now drag and drop .IPA files into your iTunes application section, sync your phone and run them!

reference : http://tutorialninjas.net/2009/06/21/install-pirated-apps-on-iphone-itouch-30-via-cydia-ipa/

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