30 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

size and row count of top 100 tables

create table #t(d nvarchar(MAX),t nvarchar(MAX),r int,x nvarchar(100),s nvarchar(100),y nvarchar(100),z nvarchar(100))

declare @s nvarchar(MAX)

set @s=replace('if !~! not in (!master!,!model!,!msdb!,!tempdb!) exec [~].dbo.sp_msforeachtable "insert into #t(t, r,x,s,y,z) exec [~].dbo.sp_spaceused !?!"','!',char(39))

EXEC sp_MSForEachDB @command1=@s, @command2="update #t set d='~' where d is null", @replacechar='~'

select top(100) d as base, t as [table], s as size, r as rows from #t order by Cast(LEFT(s,len(s)-3) as int) desc

drop table #t

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